Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Pet Blogging | Clash!

You Milo & Otis fans must be doing a great job with those healing thoughts flowing to our boys. Milo has a lower bacteria count. And although there was a slight (yeah ... slight) mishap with some medication for Otis, it's all sorted out and he is doing well, too. Poor Mrs. Brainwise has been at the vet's office -- taking one cat or the other for a look-over or a urine test, or just to pick up new medicines -- each day this week except Friday. Yes, I mean today. And I know this day is just beginning, so there is every possibility that she may yet make that drive and rack up a first-ever five in a row. (Lest you think I am slacking off in the vet duties, you should know that Mrs. Brainwise's office is really close to the vet's office. My office is ... well, it's really out of the way, but I have offered to help out in this regard.) But you came here for cat pics, right? Well, here is photographic evidence that, as they heal, the boys continue to be playful:

Fight Announcer: "And Otis lunges, attempting to pierce Milo's defenses and ... Oh! That's gotta hurt!"

It is a joy to behold.

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Anonymous said...

Milo says, "Tastes like CHICKEN!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Otis says, "Tastes like CHICKEN!!!!"

Brainwise said...

Those are funny comments ... but they shouldn't be!

whaleshaman said...

pretty cute stuff.

now, about those bills from the vet: OUCH!

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