Tuesday, April 29, 2014

War is Boring

Is war an aberration or the most basic human function, the thing we resort to when all our comforts crumble? … Had war chosen me or had I chosen it? And what did that say about me?"  -- David Axe

On Sunday (4/28), I found a copy of WAR IS BORING (story by David Axe, art by Matt Bors; 2010) in my to-read pile. I was slightly surprised because I had forgotten about picking up a signed copy through Matt Bors' website.

But, when I found it, I was excited for it again. So, I read half of it on Sunday evening, and the rest of it yesterday morning. And, you know what? I very much enjoyed it. Wait, that doesn't sound right. Saying "I enjoyed it," is akin to dismissing this work as a mere piece of entertainment. And, I suppose it is in a way. Or, perhaps, it's an example of that "edutainment" that's all the rage these days. (Um, please note that is a tongue-in-cheek comment).

Bottom line: I'm not going to say this is a staggering piece of journalism, but it is certainly an affecting one. At least … it affected me. And I'll be back for more.

War Is Boring - David Axe and Matt Bors - page 76

War Is Boring - David Axe and Matt Bors - page 122 top panel