Saturday, September 27, 2014

Friday 80s Flashback for September 26, 2014 (On a Saturday)

The Who Face Dances (1981)

[Who Was That?] -- After four weeks with a fractured clavicle, I'm still in recovery mode, but I'm no longer typing impaired. So, I figured I would try posting a new flashback instead of mining my archives. But what to write about? What theme could I employ? Well, while I was musing on that very question on Friday morning, I saw a story that The Who were marking their 50th anniversary by releasing their first new song in eight years. Down to only two surviving members (Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend), The Who is set to embark on a 50th anniversary tour in November. The new song*, "Be Lucky," references Daft Punk and AC/DC. And it will close out the band's 50th anniversary compilation, The Who Hits 50! As some of the hits featured on the 2 CD set were released in the 80s, I figured this news was a perfect jumping off point for a Flashback post. The new song (royalties of which will be donated to Teen Cancer America, a US outgrowth of Daltrey’s successful UK charity, the Teenage Cancer Trust) is embedded below, and you can read and hear more about The Who in the 80s after the break.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday 80s Flashback for September 19, 2014

High five image from the very empowering

[Uplifting 80s Tunes -- Redux] -- I'm mid-way through my fourth week with my left arm in a sling while I recover from a fractured clavicle. So, with my typing still impaired, I'm dipping into the archives again, this time to bring you a post from September, 2010. Now, that was the month I first started this venture known as the Friday 80s Flashback. And I must have been feeling rather inspired on 9/24/2010 because I offered two separate Flashback posts on the same day! This one, the Uplifting Edition, was the second of the two (there's a link to the first, angrier, post here as well). Why re-share the uplifting edition? Well, let's just say that I'm not the only one around here ("here" being very general) who could use a little pick-me-up. If you're in that same camp, I hope you get a boost from this rewind.

Note: Back in 2010, I was not posting an intro image or lyrics with Flashback posts. In this re-share, I have added both. That, and the above intro, are the only differences between this and the original blog entry which starts below. 

From 9/24/2010: I already posted the Angry Edition this morning, but I wanted to end on a more positive note by providing a set of "uplifting" flashback songs. Fortunately, the 80s are rife with upbeat songs that speak to the power of potential. Read about them, and hear them, after the break!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday 80s Flashback for September 12, 2014

[The 'Mats are Back! -- Redux] -- I'm still in a sling for a fractured clavicle. So I'm dipping into the archives again, this time to bring you a post from June 2013. It's a neat little coincidence that this 2013 Flashback was inspired by The Replacements making news with a live performance. You see, the 'Mats kind of did it again this week (see Watch the Replacements Rock the House on Jimmy Fallon; 9/10/2014). Go ahead, check out that performance, then come back here for a rewind on my Replacements retrospective.


From 6/14/2013: This week I heard some news that made me cautiously optimistic about the state of music: the surviving members of the Replacements will perform together on stage for the first time since July 4, 1991. For those who don't know -- or, perhaps, don't remember -- The Replacements formed in Minneapolis in the late 70s. According to drummer Chris Mars, the band's name reflected their sense of a secondary status: "Like maybe the main act doesn't show, and instead the crowd has to settle for an earful of us dirtbags" [Azerrad, Michael. Our Band Could Be Your Life. 2001. p. 199]. They were never commercially successful, but they did receive critical accolades and have been cited as a major influence for many bands.

The Replacements (or, simply, The 'Mats to their fans) are probably my favorite of what I call the "sloppy" American rock & roll bands. Their sound was informed by a combination of the arena blues-rock of their collective youth and the post-punk that was in vogue when they took up their own instruments. Now, they never achieved a high level of proficiency as musicians during their time together, but they did evolve from garden variety garage band to a genuinely tight if oft-times shabby outfit. Their songs touched upon the pains of growing up, hating your job, and relationship issues, and they did so in their own loud but tuneful manner. I've chosen three songs from their 12+ year career. I hope they are among the setlist for Riot Fest Chicago. Read and hear more after the break. And if you're interested, you can download a copy of the Replacements' last show in Philadelphia, played July 28, 1987.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Friday 80s Flashback for September 5, 2014

[Unused 80s Montage Playlist - Redux] -- I'm going to be in a sling for a few more weeks. So for this week's post, I'm dipping into the archives to bring you a post from a year ago. Strangely enough, I spent much of this week preparing the sound FX for a theater production, just one set in a different era. So none of the songs below are in my current show.


From 9/6/2013: I spent much of this week's free time -- not that it's really "free" -- preparing a set of 80s music for the latest production at Montgomery Theater. It's for a scene in which one of the lead characters introduces a montage telling the story of getting together with her first boyfriend. First, she asks for some music to set the scene, but the song that plays is needed later, so she asks for something more upbeat. The second tune doesn't work for her either, so she requests a cheesy love song which is finally what she wants. Researching and assembling the options for this playlist left me with very little time to work on the Flashback. I don't even really haven't worked out a theme for this week. So how about I just share some of the tunes that won't be used in the show? OK? OK! Read and hear more after the break.