Friday, March 06, 2015

Friday 80s Flashback for March 6, 2015

[This week in 1982] -- Earlier this year, I said I was going to use chart activity from 1981 and 1987 because their calendars are dead ringers for 2015. Unfortunately, chart activity is often slow to change. Top songs often hold onto their peak positions for multiple consecutive weeks. So, even though I've bounced between two years, and even take a few breaks to feature certain albums' release dates, I'm in a rut as to the top three songs at this point in both 1981 and 1987. I supposed I could just feature songs that aren't in the top three just yet, but then I might be robbing from my future posts. So, my other option is to just go with another year even though its dates won't line up exactly with 2015. A year like ... 1982. March 6 was a Saturday in 1982, and therefore a day when chart results were posted. What songs were topping the Billboard Hot 100 on that day? Read and hear more after the break!