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Bucks County, Pennsylvania, United States

Brainwise is an enigma wrapped in a shroud tied to a donkey behind an iron curtain. Or something like that. He truly wishes that he himself had penned the following line attributed to Maddox in Clive Barker's GALILEE: "And the gods go on, in spite of themselves; and the human road stretches out before us; and we walk, like wounded children, waiting for the strength to run."

What will you find at Prophet or Madman? Well, the short description is "a mixed bag." But for those of you who need a bit more detail: Sometimes you will find musings, rants, and eulogies regarding the world we live in and my life in general. Other times, I will post news and noteworthy stories I have found. Every Friday, I post the Friday 80s Flashback. And, of course, I share photos and stories about our cats (Milo and Otis)! 

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