Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday Pet Blogging | Sick Kitties :(

I'm just going to parrot what Mrs. Brainwise posted in her own online journal:
Healing thoughts are needed but again for my boys. Milo and Otis are both dealing with raging bacterial infections in their plumbing systems. Our vet is working overtime to help us figure this all out but it just keeps getting worse. The boys are both on medication but it is only halting the infections so that they aren't suffering horribly. Our next step is probably an internist, who can hopefully get us some answers and some solutions. I fear that we will have gone through all we did and they will have to be put down. The infections just don't get better - only worse. It is very sad and my boys just don't deserve it (but then who really does deserve to be sick). Anyway, any healing thoughts you can send along would be most appreciated.
This would not be a Friday Pet Blogging post without a photo or two, so to help you focus on the recipients of your prayers (should you be so inclined to offer up a healing thought or prayer to the god/dess of your choice), here are our sick little boys:



::::: Sigh ::::::

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Steve said...

Hey Milo and Otis:

Get well soon!!!

brainwise said...

On behalf of Milo & Otis (and Mrs. Brainwise): "Thanks, Steve!!"

Josh Friedman said...

Sorry to hear this! The though of putting down one's pets makes me shudder ... As a kid, I had a cat that had to be put down. The cat had arthritis, but the ultimate reason was my Mom became allergic to the cat.

CFO Mom said...

Prayers & love to Milo & Otis. Hopefully it will all get figured out and they will be well soon. May God grant their vets the wisdom to hit on the right diagnosis/treatment. My heart aches for you all.

Laura Lee Donoho said...

Prayers for Milo and Otis. What good looking kitties!

Gina Marie said...

Having sick ones is always hard. I hope they get better! I love their names, by the way!!! so cute!