Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday Bacon Brothers Blogging

Mrs. Brainwise and I live in a little town with a great location for live music: the Sellersville Theater 1894! And last night, we saw the Bacon Brothers. Now, I had heard of them before. And, while I knew they had a number of albums out, I did not own a single recording by them. Oh, I had never heard a negative review, and I caught some of their TV performances on venues like TODAY and such. So, without any background info or experience to predispose me one way or the other, we decided to take advantage of this "name" act being within walking distance of home. Damn. What a great show. Made all the more enjoyable with our great seats, right down near the stage at "cabaret" table #5 (seating chart) The Bacon Brothers are talented multi-instrumentalists (with brother Michael jamming on the cello for three tunes, and Kevin splitting his time among guitar, bongos, tambourine, and harmonica). They were fun, had a great backing band, and just really rocked the house. So much so that we ended up buying their new album. The few photos I took last night are on my Flickr pages. Use this composite image as a link to the set:

Bacon Brothers in Concert

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