Tuesday, April 23, 2024


April 2024 has been quite a month. We had a small earthquake in PA and a total solar eclipse traversed across the continental US. On a personal note, before the end of this month, I'll graduate with my Master of Divinity and I'll complete my 56th orbit around the Sun. That's right! April is my birth month! 

Now, I will not use this occasion to have a party or seek presents. Nor will I give FB the opportunity to directly track my friends' donation activity. (At least Facebook seems to given up their usual full-court press of digital harassment in an effort to convince me to run a fundraiser through their platform.) But if you choose to somehow celebrate or acknowledge my Born On day, I ask that you donate time or money to your favorite charity or not-for-profit organization. If you cannot donate, then just talk a walk in your favorite park, and maybe pick up some litter. 

And for those who can donate but don't have a favorite charity or non-profit, here are several of my own:

  • School of Sacred Ministries -- Independent divinity school that offers a two-year program of spiritual training with ordination as an Interfaith Minister upon conclusion. I was ordained here, I continue to work with them, and they can always use money to continue their programs and further the cause of interfaith dialog.
  • Montgomery Theater -- A small professional theater in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Montgomery Theater is my home-away-from-home. Like many not-for-profit enterprises operating in the arts, they are in a budget crunch. Donations can help pay actor salaries or utility bills, or keep the education programs running.
  • Cat Tales -- This is the animal rescue where we got Milo and Otis. When we are ready for more fur-babies, we will probably go back to them. 
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society -- My father-in-law would have celebrated another birthday on Monday (4/26) -- if he had not succumbed to cancer in March 2005. My own father was diagnosed with a recurrence of Myelodysplasia syndrome (MDS) in November 2009. He did have a successful mini transplant, but eventually passed in 2013 due to complications from a recurrence of cancer. So, yeah, I'm all for funding cancer research and treatment.
  • Cleveland Clinic -- My father had his bone marrow transplants performed here. They also treated him in March 2013. This clinic has an excellent medical staff and wonderful family support programs.
  • Philabundance -- The Delaware Valley’s largest hunger relief organization. Working to end hunger and malnutrition since 1984.
  • Hero Initiative -- These folks help comic book creators in all sorts of situations: emergency medical aid, financial support, help finding work, etc. Much of their work is in the sales of merchandise or features whose proceeds benefit creators in need, but they also have several donation options
  • poets.org -- A trio of groups dedicated to poets, poetry, and poems (Academy of American Poets, National Poetry Month, and American Poets Magazine). April is National Poetry Month, and they also have an ongoing poem-a-day service. 
  • EDF and EarthJustice -- Two organizations working for environmental protections and justice. For info about their work, check out the EDF quarterly publication, Solutions, or the EarthJustice Press Room.
  • Americans United for Separation of Church and State -- With that name, it's probably fairly clear what Americans United (or AU for short) does. Help them fight theocracy in the US. 
  • Life After Hate -- People who have spent much of their lives indoctrinated into hateful, dangerous lifestyles need help rejoining the compassionate, humane communities. And that's where Life After Hate picks up their work.
  • A Woman's Place (AWP) -- Providing emergency shelter, counseling, legal advocacy, legal assistance, and more for victims of domestic violence in the Bucks County, PA, area. 
  • Human Rights Campaign -- More than ever, advocating for equal rights is necessary. Particularly with the current administration seeking to undermine hard-won LGBTQ+ protections.  

Thank you in advance! Let's meet back here in another year!

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