Sunday, October 31, 2021

Halloween 2021: My Continuing Pop-Halloween Malaise


So, tonight is the actual, official, U.S. calendar-dated Halloween. This is also the time of Samhain, Winter Nights, Allelieweziel, and several other seasonal observances. 

Three years ago on this evening, I hopped a flight to Toronto for the 2018 Parliament of the World's Religions. In 2019, I lamented a bit of pop-halloween malaise, and then logged into an evening class for #GraduateSchool. Last year, I still held that same malaise, but instead of a class, I had to complete an essay. On the positive side, I was privileged to officiate a wedding for some friends, down in LOVE Park. 

This year ... what can I say of this year? This is my fifth year observing a personal Dísablót for Winter Nights, something I've done since my mother passed in 2017. I spent this weekend officiating two weddings, one of which was even Halloween/October themed. No class to attend today, as this is a Sunday. I'm fortunate to not have a looming assignment either. I'm actually at the start of a week-long semester break (OK, it's Symposium Week at the seminary, but I'll be using the time to catch up on readings, work on assignments due later in mid-November, and handle several tasks that I've let slip around the house). And I'll take some more walks, probably in that local cemetery. 

Over the years, I've fallen out of interest with the pop culture aspect of this holiday, the candy and spooky movies bit, and given more to solemn contemplation of life, death, and those across the veil. I'm not sure why this is. Maybe it's my age. Maybe it's because my mother crossed over in October. Or, maybe, it's the year-by-year decrease in neighborhood trick-or-treaters. Maybe it's the toll of the pandemic. Whatever the cause, I'm not looking to "fix" it. I'm just sitting with it.

Anyway, at the outset of this post, I included a 2018 photo of me in a skull mask. I mean, I still like skulls and skeletons.

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