Thursday, December 02, 2010

LEGOs and Dreams

Over on Facebook, a friend posted his shock over the price of Star Wars LEGOs. He asked, "Are LEGOs mined in Africa or something?" To which I replied:

"LEGOs are expensive because they are made from the crushed dreams of cubicle dwellers. While plentiful, the dreams are rather difficult to distill properly."

Photos of LEGO Cubicles (Via: TrendHunter and thinkgeek)


crysetalg said...

Crushed dreams of cubicle dwellers, eh? lol! I dunno, but I know this: my dear son has been informed that unless those lego sets come with 2 brand new tires for my Jeep, he can bet that he won't be getting any $200+ Lego Star Wars this year!

Brainwise said...

It is obvious you have not spent 40+ hours in a cubicle.

Of course, I have not spent 40 hours in a Jeep with bald tires.