Monday, December 22, 2008

My Sunwheel/Wreath 2008

I spent my winter solstice eve kicking off the Yule season in the same way I have the last few years: constructing a sunwheel for use as a wreath on my front door. I went with a slightly different design this year, using ground pine to cross the circle. Upon completion, close to midnight Saturday night, I put it up. I took some pics of it the following day: I love how the curvature of branches give the sunwheel the impression of spinning. I also took some photos in my back yard to capture the first day of winter:


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful and colourful sunwheel brainwise!

May I borrow the literacy drive's logo for my own blog? I'd like to click everyday. If yes, then could you leave a comment on my blog with the HTML code of the logo please?

I admire your social activism!

Anonymous said...

Do leave the code here, if you permit me to host the icon:

Brainwise said...

You don't need my permission. The Literacy Drive provides the code and hosts the image for you. They encourage it!

I'll post the code for the image I am using on your blog as requested. But if you want to look at other available options, check out their "Link to Us" page here:

Please note that the other charities on that site (see tabs across the top: Hunger, Breast Cancer, Child Health, Rainforest, and Animal Rescue). Each one has its own "Link to Us" page. So you can choose the gateway you want to post on your blog.

Keep clicking!