Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stop Junk Mail

According to Melissa Breyer, Senior Producer of Care2 Green Living:
In a single year Americans receive 19 billion catalogs in the mail. That boils down to 3.6 million tons of paper at the cost of 53 million trees. Ouch. And that's not to mention all the rest of the junky junk mail that seems to flood our mailboxes like a swarm of locusts. We've collected the information here that you need to tame the catalog beast and stop junk mail in its tracks. Production of the paper used for American catalogs uses the same amount of energy required to power 1.2 million homes in a year, and contributes annual emissions equal to that created by 2 million cars. That's incredibly significant! All to get us to buy buy buy more junk. It's just madness.
For a some tips on reducing the junk mail delivered to your home, from stopping catalogs to removing your name from mailing lists, check the tips compiled at Stop Junk Mail, Save a Tree.


Garetjax said...

The catalogs were easy to stop using MyJunkTree it was super easy. I signed up and selected the catolgs I no longer wanted to recieve. I receieved a confirmation in most cases within 48 hours that my name would be removed from the list. they also haled me Stop Junk Mail. No more credit card offers, weekly coupons, and even the phone books.

Brainwise said...

Thanks for stopping by and making a comment. Most, if not all, the options mentioned in my post are free instead of requiring MyJunkTree's $20 annual membership.

But maybe some people would find the fee to be reasonable because the service requires less effort from the subscriber.

Anonymous said...

Yes I have used the site also and found it easy to use and the important thing is that it take no time at all. Its has all the info you need in one place! Well worth the annual 20 dollar fee.

Anonymous said...

Well I wanted to say thxs to both garet and brain because I tried it both ways. But I will admit I went with garets over all because it was alot easier for me and took alot less time. So wish you guys the best of luck on what ever you decide to try. But I would go with the mujunktree one to be honest.