Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Moon is Lovely, Dark and Deep

My previous post provided some news about one of Saturn's moons and new images that were acquired this month. I would be remiss, however, if I did not also point out a article from this week that talks about our own Moon, that mysterious mistress of the night and our planet's closest astronomical companion. Charles Q. Choi has penned a wonderful piece titled "The Enduring Mysteries of the Moon." He covers questions of how the moon was made, was there ever water on the moon, and did the moon ever host life, among other tids and bits. He also provides links to lunar images, news, and lore. Check it out:
The Enduring Mysteries of the Moon by Charles Q. Choi
The moon--linked in myth with goddesses of witchcraft and the hunt, with gods of magic and wisdom--is nearly as old as Earth itself, with enigmas of its own. As close as the moon is to Earth, we are still far from solving all its mysteries--from how the moon was born to whether life on Earth has its past and future there...
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