Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Little Moments (A Not-So-Long Distance Dedication)

I saw a link to this video on An Unfinished Soul, a blog that I frequent every now and then. I'm not the biggest country music fan, but I do like Brad Paisley's work. He brings an honesty and simplicity to his songs that are just hard for me to resist. Watching the video for "Little Moments" made me think about my wife and our relationship. I am definitely more to blame for any problems we have, but this little ditty reminded me that there is more joy to celebrate than I often pay credit. There are so many little wonderful things that far outweigh any seemingly large annoyances. I am reminded of why we got together, and why I stay with her. To my wife: If you read this, and I know there is a possibility of that, I dedicate this video to you. I love you, and I treasure our little moments.
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Thank you.