Thursday, September 20, 2007

Best Use of Lost & Found Hotline

Have you heard about the drug dealer, Leroy Carr, who reported his lost cocaine to the feds? Seems he was trying to smuggle two backpacks worth of narcotics into Canada, but had to hide the packs overnight. And he hid them so well, he could not find them in the morning. So what does Mr. Carr do? Well, he calls Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, of course, and reports the missing backpacks -- including their illegal contents! You see, Mr. Carr was afraid his employers would accuse him of stealing the stash for himself. So he simply wanted the federal agents to issue a news release stating that they had seized the 31kg of missing cocaine. The Seattle-Post Intelligencer probably has the best headline for this story: Man asks feds: Have you seen my cocaine? Happy ending: Two weeks after the incident, a Boy Scout ranger found the abandoned backpacks near a campsite and reported the missing drugs to law enforcement. Now, can you imagine the fund raiser that the troop could have held with that much coke? Not that they would ever do such a thing, of course. The BSA teaches young men to be trustworthy, loyal, and such. My bet is that Leroy Carr was never a member of his local Boy Scouts organization. More links:


Mikaela said...

Love this excellent point, "Now, can you imagine the fund raiser that the troop could have held with that much coke?" Hahah!

Brainwise said...

It would be truly funny if they mistook the dope for, I don't know, sugar? (Ala "Zoolander").

My troop delivered newspapers and sold xmas trees. Definitely boring by comparison.

Anonymous said...

But think of all of the little 'ol ladies they could have helped across the street if they had snorted the cocaine!