Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Pet Blogging | Too Close!

Still using some older shots. This one is from July of this year. It illustrates an important adage in photography: You don't always get the shot you want. This is particularly true of a camera-averse kitty like Milo.

Milo in "witness protection" mode.

This reminds me of the video that often accompanies news stories about obesity. Have you ever noticed that all those people are shot from the neck down? Not that Milo is obese! He is pleasantly plump, right boy?

And here come the opportunities to see more pet blogging posts...

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Anonymous said...

It's as if some cats can just sense the opportunity to tantalize us with the 'perfect' shot, and at the same time deny us that shot.


Brainwise said...

You are soooo correct. And thanks for leaving your URL. You have a great, and thought-provoking blog. Love it!