Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Pet Blogging | Napping Milo & Hiding Otis

Both boys are off the meds for now. I don't know what the last batch of pills did for them, but they have seemed perkier. And the change in diet seems to have had a positive effect as well. Maybe it is cutting down on the sediment in their systems, so they are less likely to have irritation issues and inflammation. At any rate, Milo has not had any recent incidents, though he still sleeps in the kennel overnight, just in case. Otis ... well, Otis is still a tad crazy, particularly after he has a -- *ahem* -- movement. (Maybe Otis just revels in lightening his load, so to speak. I don't know ... he's a weird cat). Although kenneled at night ... and for most of the working day ... Milo does get free reign of the house during the evening. And can you guess what is his favorite thing to do with all that freedom? Can you? You're looking at it:

Milo looks quite content, sleeping on our bed
He does, of course, play with his brother, Otis, a bit before retiring for an evening nap. Speaking of Otis, here is a pic of him taken moments before the Clash! image featured here on March 31:

Otis attempts to hide.

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