Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I Support Denmark...

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If you don't know what this is about, then read the CNN stories Cartoons spark violent protests and Papers reprint Islam row cartoons. And even view the cartoons for yourself.


Anonymous said...

I feel that the Danish Newspaper had no right to offend Muslims the way they have done, it only sends wrong signals of hatred to the young Muslims and they grow up full with anger and end up committing serious crimes. It is better that we do not make fun of anyone for that sake, leave apart the Messiah of a religion, on the name of freedom of speech. Our right ends when we encroach upon other people's sentiments. Why to blame the Muslims for the way they are reacting, follower of any religon would not stand its idol being humiliated for no reason. Already, due to certain violent groups the image of Muslims on a whole is being tarnished and an average muslim is being treated as though he is a criminal, and immature acts like this one only adds to the frustration, global community should condemn the Danish Newspaper on moral grounds as well as to avoid the increase in number of Muslim violent groups.

Anonymous said...

As a Christian, I can say that christianity and Jesus (our "idol" as the last commenter puts it), is constantly ridiculed in TV shows, newspaper cartoons and articles, etc. How do we react? We complain, maybe boycott something, etc.

Here we have one newspaper (originally) in Denmark publishing some cartoons, and how do Muslims react? (not just "certain, violent, groups", but masses in countries around the world) They firebomb buildings, clash with police, destroy property, and talk about (and possibly commit) murder.

Who ought to be condemned here?