Friday, January 13, 2006

By The Way ... More Blocked Kitty Blues

I cannot believe I forgot to post the latest Milo news in today's Cat Blogging post (Under). So I'll post it now before I head out for the weekend. It finally happened. Milo blocked. In past incidents, he had only partially blocked, and was able to work things out on his own (or have his bladder expressed by a nice doctor at the Emergency Vet). But yesterday ... that trend came to an end. He seemed to be straining in the morning, but then shrugged it off. Well, not completely ... he did have a slight incident of crapping outside the box (I guess that might be called stinkin' thinkin' ... maybe not). And a few days ago, he did pee outside the litter box -- but inside a cardboard box. So much for one of Otis' favorite toys. But I digress. Last night, Otis was a bit more aggressive toward his brother than usual. And it took me a few clashes to realize it, but each time I broke up a confrontation, Milo would scamper off and then stand in place for a while. Unmoving. Because he was squatting, trying to relieve himself. Well, he already had some meds in him (for infection and urinary issues), so we placed a call to the emergency room. Um, they know us by now -- and they know Milo by name. 10:30pm last night, we arrive at the emergency room. Milo is admitted. And blockage is confirmed with a quick diagnosis. Milo had to stay overnight and be catheterized.

Milo resting in his fancy suite at Bucks County V.E.T.S.

This morning, Mrs. Brainwise had to move him from the emergency vet to our regular vet. For more testing and observation. We are thinking that Milo may be going down the same road has his brother -- he may need to have the nifty surgery that Otis endured last June. But, hey, if it helps and cuts down on these little trips, it's fine by me. We'll find the money ... somehow. Anyway, the vet called Mrs. Brainwise about an hour ago. He had not completed Milo's urinalysis yet -- he was doing it at that time. We need results from that test to determine when Milo can come home. At this time, we are hoping for tomorrow afternoon, and the doc does not think it is time for surgery yet. But it sure seems like we are getting close to it. Update: 01/20/2006


Anonymous said...

Do you think I would know it if my cats were sick? They would act weird, huh?

Anonymous said...


They usually act weird but some kitties like to be private and it can take time to notice.

When Otis was first sick, there was no denying it - he was squatting everywhere and yowling, things he never did.

Milo on the other hand I think hid most of his issue - but then he started squatting outside the litter box and we figured it out.

Don't feel bad if you miss anything, it can happen with humans too. Just watch them and if your instinct tells you something is wrong, act on it. That is how I got through most of my cat issues -mommy instinct.

Mrs. Brainwise

Peg said...

Mommy instinct is usually correct! I hope Milo is recovering comfortably and that Otis is giving him all the respect and TLC a cat in his condition has earned...!!