Friday, December 23, 2005

Friday Pet Blogging | Sigh

Great start to the weekend. Milo is not feeling well. He's not exactly blocked, but he was having enough trouble that we felt the need to take him to the Emergency Vet ... and then to our regular Vet. Hopefully, he will get some, *ahem*, relief this afternoon and so won't have to spend more than a few hours there. Alone. If you can spare a moment, please think some good, healthy thoughts for our boy, Milo:

Milo Feels Kind of Yucky. :(

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Tata said...

Days and days have passed! How is Milo?

Brainwise said...

Thank you for asking, Tata.

Milo is doing well. We took him to our regular vet just because it was less out of the way for Mrs. Brainwise to pick him up after work (half day for the holiday and all). Plus, the vet's staff could keep an eye on him.

He was not blocked, but he was a bit ... tight. E-vet gave him a little opener and some more antibiotics. He eventually, um, relieved himself that afternoon and was very much back to his old self. And we have a good plan of attack for the next time this situation crops up.

On top of that, Milo and his brother Otis played themselves to the point of exhaustion on Xmas day. So all is right with our little fur babies. :)