Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Power Source for a Floating City?

From Open Source Energy Network:
Inventor Tom L. Lee, Ph.D. has developed a floating wind turbine platform concept for accessing the higher winds out at sea, and convert wind energy efficiently to hydrogen and electricity. Would prefer to see its manufacture and distribution licensed to a U.S. party. [Read More]
Concept drawing by Tom L. Lee. (from the listing, but used here without permission)
I have more questions than answers (or even comments) at this point:
  • Will this concept fly (er, float)?
  • Would you be willing to live in a floating city, or is this likely to be used to generate power for a land-based community?
  • If so, how does it transfer the power across the sea?
  • How loud is this floating turbine?
  • And how floating turbines are permitted on the open seas before someone cries about oceanic sprawl?

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