Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Suburban Border Wars

Today's offering from Wiley's Non Sequitur is more true than funny, but it still gets a chuckle out of me. And it raises a hackle or two. You see, this comic clearly illustrates something about suburbanites that I declared years ago: open quoteEvery idiot who buys a leaf blower should be given a bumper sticker or t-shirt with the phrase: I bought a leaf blower, so my IQ just dropped 40 points! Folks who purchase a leaf blower for transportation research are, of course, excluded. But seriously, what is the fascination with these noisy, smelly instruments of hellish torture? I have seen guys spend 15 minutes or so trying to move one single leaf from the middle of the yard. Bend over and pick up the damn thing, you moron!! Is all that noise and wasted gasoline worth the time and effort you 'saved'?!?! Particularly when the wind -- or that other leaf blowing moron from next door -- is just going to blow some of those leaves right back to where they started. Which is precisely the subject of today's strip. Since ucomics.com's strips are free to view for only a week or so, I've archived this one at my site. So if the above link does not work, just click the snipped image below to view the funny: I realize that there are much more pressing topics and issues in the world right now. But I am sure that the rest of the blogosphere is handling them quite well. I will try to get to some of them myself, but (if you'll pardon the paraphrase of a popular song lyric):
"It's my blog and I'll rant if I want to!"
Manual Leaf Blower


Anonymous said...


What about those of us who bought electric leaf blowers? They don't emit any fumes! Maybe my IQ only dropped 20 points, eh?


Brainwise said...

Electric, you say? No fumes, you say?


Well, in this case, I would say that the IQ drop would have to be tied to the machine's volume. If it is as loud as my electric mower, which is pretty darn quiet, then permanent brain damage is not a likely problem. If it is just as loud as the common gasoline-powered variety, then I'm sorry but you're guilty as I charged in my post.