Thursday, October 20, 2005

Scrolling Belt Buckle

Oh, yes. Admit it. This is the one accessory you're just dying to have:
Scrolling Belt Buckle - screen capture
Go ahead ... click the pic, go to their site, and watch the little Quicktime demo. This little guy can hold up to six unique messages at a time, with each message being 256 characters long. And you can change these messages at any time. But you can't store your MP3s on it. Even without the music capacity, I'll bet this buckle will be popular with teen guys. Why? Because they like to wear their jeans such that they ride a little low, you know. And I am sure this scrolling buckle isn't light. So its added weight should aide slackers, punks, thugs, and wannabees* achieve that all-too-cool look. More scrolling fun: *All said with love, man. Ain't no disrespect here.

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