Friday, October 14, 2005

From Death Comes Life

Astrobiology Magazine has an article based on a release from NASA's Ames Research Center. hubgeode_banner.jpg Image: Astrobiology Magazine Summary (Oct 14, 2005): A team of NASA exobiology researchers revealed today organic chemicals that play a crucial role in the chemistry of life are common in space. Beautiful Quote:
open quoteMuch of the chemistry of life, including DNA, requires organic molecules that contain nitrogen," said team member Louis Allamandola, an astrochemist at NASA Ames. "Chlorophyll, the substance that enables photosynthesis in plants, is a good example of this class of compounds, called polycyclic aromatic nitrogen heterocycles, or PANHs. Ironically, PANHs are formed in abundance around dying stars. So even in death, the seeds of life are sewn," Allamandola said.
Ah, yes ... we have stardust in our souls.

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