Thursday, September 08, 2005


 That's the only word to describe how I am feeling and why there have been no updates since last Friday. I have, of course, been completely taken with the devastation and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. But I have not been able to digest everything that is going on and then make some coherent posts. The enormity of the situation is only part of the cause for my apparent case of writer's block. But I also have quite a full list of documentation projects at the office, and too much of my spare time has been spent at the theater, preparing for a show that opens later this month. I have started a few posts, and they exist in draft state for now. I will try to get them in some kind of finished state because I really need to comment on the Katrina relief response, Rehnquists' death, John Roberts' re-nomination to the post of Chief Justice, the prospect of two GWB SCOTUS appointees, Multilayered Spirituality, Mythos over Logos, Operation: Pat Robertson Freedom (really!), and a bunch of other things. Stay tuned, your favorite Prophet or Madman will be back on track as soon as possible.

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