Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday Pet Blogging | Otis Blank(et)s Out

Pet Blogging returns to Prophet or Madman! Milo and Otis fans rejoice!! (Hey, I know it's not my writing that brings folks here. I harbor no illusions whatsoever in that regard ... I know you come here for the cat pics!).
"Must ... defeat ... blanket ... beast!"

If there is one thing Otis loves to play with (and it's not just one thing, it's almost anything), it's the bedclothes ... particularly when Mrs. Brainwise is in a hurry to make the bed. Click the pic for the larger image on Flickr. And now for the standard Pet Blogging Closer:

The Modulator has a compilation of today's pet posts from other bloggers. Previous Milo & Otis appearances on Prophet or Madman are indexed here ... just in case you missed one. And do keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of the Carnival of the Cats, served fresh every Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Only one picture??? It's been weeks!! There should be 20 pictures!!! And I know you have them ; )