Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday Pet Blogging | BONUS: Attack of the Box!

Oh, today we have a special treat for you Cat Blogging Aficionados out there (and you know who you are). Today, Prophet or Madman -- and Otis -- present: The Boxes Have Eyes! First, Otis must climb into the box (an empty carton of Rice Dream drink packs, lovingly gifted to Otis by Mrs. Brainwise), and demonstrate his deadly and sneaky reach: Next, Otis illustrates the blinding fury of the box's dangerous attack mode. He thrashes mightily at some poor, unwitting phantom* that got too close to the evil box:
This final photo is a warning -- approach all boxes with caution. You never know whether it is watching and waiting for its next victim:
Thank you for viewing this special presentation of The Boxes Have Eyes! We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogosphere. Don't forget that The Modulator has more cat blogging goodness. ________________________ *On second thought ... that might not have been a phantom in photo number 3. He might have been going for my foot. I'm not sure.


Rahel Jaskow said...

Oh, sweet kittycat!

Willow said...

EEEEEEEEEEPPPP... Not the evil box!

It's watching me..