Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Some Updates

I made a few changes to the layout recently. Nothing too deadly serious, but I wanted to make note of them:
  1. Referrers no longer appear in the sidebar. They now appear at the very bottom of the page, in the footer. You see, there were times that a referrer's URL was so long that it actually forced the entire sidebar to be shifted below all the final post. Moving this list to the footer remedies the situation.
  2. All of the BLOG RESOURCES listed in the sidebar are now represented by little buttons.
  3. Speaking of the BLOG RESOURCES, there is a brand new one: Free Blogging. It will take you to the Committee to Protect Bloggers' site that was featured in a post here yesterday.
  4. The OTHER BLOGS list was updated. I removed links to blogs that have not shown any activity since last October/November. And I added a link for Light, a very interesting and spiritual blog that links to us.

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