Thursday, February 03, 2005

Reactions: Lists, Cartoons, and Zs

Heretical Ideas has a list of Tom Traina's Initial Reaction to the State of the Union Address; it's an interesting and, in my opinion, reasonable list of likes and dislikes -- and the dislikes outnumber the likes at about 2-1. I still think this is one of the best comments on Bush's push to "save" Social Security (and this came out last month):
CLICK FOR CARTOON -- 'Chicken Little' by Bill Mitchell' Chicken Little by Bill Mitchell (Click for Full Cartoon)
Me? I tried to watch the ol' State of the Union on C-Span -- and do some research on Social Security -- last night, and I fell asleep. I never made it very far past Bush's remarks about activist judges. I awoke during the encore airing of the address, which was right in the middle of the Social Security rap again. Fortunately, I didn't drop my iBook.

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