Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Metamorphose and Ego Death (A Beginning)

This is going to be an incomplete post, because I am still working on my notes here. A short while ago, I came across something that Jim Morrison wrote:
"Metamorphose. An object is cut off from its name, habits, associations. Detached, it becomes only the thing, in and of itself. When this disintegration into pure existence is at last achieved, the object is free to become endlessly anything." (Jim Morrison, from THE LORDS)
And ol' Jim's short passage started some thoughts in my own head and I wrote them down right away...
Odin on the World Tree... Christ on the Cross... The shaman on his quest... Myself at rest... We are called to die to our old lives (ego death) and arise as something new ... something transformed, transmuted, transcended. A frequent death and rebirth -- daily? weekly? monthly? Whatever you can muster. Failing as often as we try, but always striving to come into our own fruition.
I'm not certain where I am going with it, but I wanted to throw it out there and let it steep some more.

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Unknown said...

Have you expanded upon this idea further? Very interesting topic that I've been searching, but not able to find much on.