Sunday, June 25, 2006


Thanks for all the well-wishes and good thoughts. The surgery went well: No problems, surprises, or complications. My foot does hurt like the blazes, though, and I have a prescription for percocet. I honestly cannot tell if it's really doing anything. But as long as I am on the meds, I am not allowed to drive. So ... I might not be returning to work on Monday (Mrs. Brainwise has all but prohibited me from going to the office until Tuesday), but fortunately I can work from home. I'm not supposed to get the cast wet. And since the Northeast is currently being pummelled by rain, I'm pretty much in full home mode. There was, however, a brief respite from the downpours. Mrs. Brainwise took me to Doylestown so that we could get a gluten-free pizza from Jules Thin Crust. Now that was just what I needed! I have to see the doctor in about two weeks to have this cast, which feels like a heavy anchor masquerading as a boot, and some surgical clips, removed. The doctor will then re-cast my foot. I don't know if the new cast will be as heavy, but I will have to wear it for another six weeks.

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