Thursday, June 29, 2006

Friday Pet Blogging | Monk

I have not gotten around to uploading the most recent kitty pics to my Flickr account, but I do have this cute little image I snapped with my camera phone:

Otis Monks Around

Doesn't he look like a little monk? Or maybe a Jedi! Support pet blogging! View more pet blogging posts! Here are some suggestions...

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whaleshaman said...

or the CIA [Cat Intelligance Agency]...UNDERCOVER!

ps: feel better soon. maybe mrs. brainwise could make you some nice soup with fresh summer veggies. and you could share it with m&o. [they told me to say that.]

Brainwise said...

Hmmm.... M&O are usually quite interested in what Mrs. Brainwise and I are eating for dinner. So I could well believe they told you to say that!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Brainwise wishes that M&O could cook for us sometime!!

whaleshaman said...

golly, our cat Taboo cooks for mr. whaleshaman and me. shall i send her to teach your cats? she loves to travel without us.

she'll stay as long as necessary. in fact i've already packed [she's so excited she woke up!] her medicines [4 kinds] and special prescription food for hand-feeding every 2 hours. she know alot about caring for the ailing.

are you closer to the train station or the airport? [Wouldn't want to inconvenience you!]

Brainwise said...

Well, that's right neighborly of you and Taboo. We're a bit too far out in busurbia to be considered close to either a train station or an airport. But thanks all the same!

whaleshaman said...

C'est dommage.

She's a great cook and an even better teacher.

Maybe some other time, she said before she went to take a nap in the South Carolina heat.

Seriously, y'all feel better, and thanks for the fun.