Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Social (In)Security Calculator

Have you seen this...
I had to blog this. I know it's a complete slam from the Dems, and not necessarily a non-partisan production. I know! But I still love it. Well, I don't love what it implies, of course. No one wants to lose money for retirement. But I have to say that this is certainly well executed.


Paul said...

They're supposed to be called "Personal Accounts" not private accounts... you can't leave out the old bait and switch... just like the Estate Tax got renamed the Death Tax. I wonder what else we could rename?

I especially like how the ad uses the OS X calculator. I wonder if Ted Kennedy's office had anything to do with it.

Brainwise said...

True, they are currently being touted as "Personal Savings Accounts," but 'Private Account' gets the point across as well. I believe the author was making a link between the act of privitization and the resultant accounts. In fact, if I am not mistaken, the Personal Savings Accounts had a different name -- something along the lines of "investment account" -- when all this hoopla started in the Bush camp.

Here are some interesting "Cliff Notes" regarding the Social Security crisis, courtesy of Running Scared. I also love this post that refers to the process as "piratization." It shows just how personal that account is (not).

These notes and other interesting posts on this topic have been indexed at MEJ.