Sunday, December 08, 2013

25 Days of Winter Holiday Trivia: Day 8

Number 8 Tile (via

Christians around the world will light another candle on an Advent wreath today. This simple structure is used to mark progress on the way to Christmas. While it once sported 24 candles, the Advent wreath has long since slimmed down to a streamlined version with four candles for the Sundays between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve (and often a fifth, central candle for Christmas Day).

Advent Wreath with 24 Candles

Advent Wreath with Five Candles

While there is ample evidence for a pre-Christian forerunner of the Advent wreath, the precise means by which that wreathed timekeeper was adapted by the church is less certain. However, I think there is some agreement as to where the tradition started. So, your question today: In what country did the Advent wreath originate?