Monday, December 17, 2012

25 Days of Holiday Music: Day 17

Between now and next Tuesday, you will see and hear many stories about the meaning of the Christmas Holiday (see what I did there?). And there could very well be an increase in stories, like this 1985 piece from Milt Timmons or, more gently, this piece, about the the holiday having much older roots. There will also be the annual claims of a "War on Christmas." I myself have written about all the hub-bub that is kicked up every December (The Reason for the Season?).

But despite the strife highlighted in the media, there is something common among the traditions that find a home in the last month of the year: The lighting of candles to dispel darkness. Granted, that is the general purpose of a candle. But it takes on a greater significance at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere. With the Winter Solstice occurring later this week, the image of a single candle also reminds us that we are moving halfway out of the darkness, the light is returning -- that light being either the Sun God or the Son of God, depending on your particular observance.

Whatever you celebrate during this season I call Chrismahanukwanzakyule, I hope you enjoy the beautiful and poignant "One Small Candle" by Jessica Radcliffe, Lisa Ekström and Martin Simpson. It can be found on the 2001 album, Beautiful Darkness, which is a moving musical meditation on the Solstice.

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