Sunday, December 16, 2012

25 Days of Holiday Music: Day 16

Image from Post-Gazette

I have been trying to write these posts at least one day in advance and queue them up for publishing. And, for the most part, I have succeeded in posting a song one day in advance. But I was out all of Saturday and I did not have a chance to prepare today's song, even though I had a song in mind for today. In light of the events that made the news this week, I'm glad I have the chance to change my plans for today's offering, and instead post "Peace, Peace" by Rick and Sylvia Powell. I remember singing it with my hometown choir so many years ago (another lifetime to be sure). Like many other vocal groups, we paired it with the audience/congregation singing "Silent Night." And because "Peace, Peace" is so wonderfully complimented by "Silent Night," I can hardly begrudge anyone's choice to perform these songs together. I would, however, dearly love to have a recording of just "Peace, Peace," as when it is sung alone I find it to be an excellent -- and non-denominational -- ode to peace, love, and joy:

Peace, peace, peace on Earth
And good will to all.
This is a time for joy, This is a time for love.
Now let us all sing together
of peace, peace, peace on earth.

Having said that, I hope you enjoy this performance by Milwaukee's Vocal Arts Academy (recorded during their "Lights of December" concert in 2010):

Crowd-funding options to help the victims' families in Newtown, CT:

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