Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Proving there is a niche market for just about anything, cRANKy debuts as a search engine specifically for 'net-savvy seniors.
Cranky, a search engine for seniors Posted Jan 10th 2007 9:30AM by Chris Gilmer Filed under: Business, Internet, Web services

A new search engine targeted at people aged 50-plus called launched on Tuesday. Billed as the first age-relevant search engine, the developer of the engine designed it to deliver the most targeted results for this demographic. They did this by applying a "50-plus lens to every query". So the results are based on both search technology, reviews and users ratings. Eons, the developer, analyzed and reviewed the most popular sites visited by over 500,000 web users in that age group, and based on that research reviewed the top 5,000 web sites. Way to go Eons, this seems like a great idea. I know it tends to be a little overwhelming for my grandparents to surf the web, and a site like this might really help out their searching endeavours.

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