Thursday, July 27, 2006

Friday Pet Blogging | Postal

Earlier this month, I was going through some mail and I received a 401(k) report from one of my previous employers. As per my SOP, I tossed the empty envelope on the floor so that I could later collect it for recycling. Otis, however, had other ideas:

"Rahrrr ... Envelope makes for good roughage."

"Whoa! That sucker almost got away from me."

"Stay calm, everyone. I've got things under control now."

"Heh heh ... Can't do this with email."

"Phew ... Postal work is hard work."
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tbirdonawire said...

That is just too funny! And Otis is such a cutie too!

DEBRA said...


Want to a job with the Postal Service?


brainwise said...

Debra, Otis wants to know if you mean the USPS, or a gig with the band.

brainwise said...

Otis thinks you're OK, too, tbird. Thanks!

whaleshaman said...

Taboo says: Way to go, Otis!