Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday Pet Blogging (Evening Edition) | The Cage

I tried to post this before leaving the office, but Blogger was uncooperative. Or maybe it was just my browser. Anyway, Prophet or Madman is proud to bring you this Friday Pet Blogging Vignette: The Cage! We join our story already in progress...

Otis believes he knows the way out .. Milo is not so sure.

Otis: "Maybe we can get out through here." Milo: "Yeah ... sure ... if we were made of spaghetti!"

Milo (at right): "You just sit there and look and nice and cute ... I'm going to try to pick this locking mechanism."

Milo: "You know ... this whole cage episode wouldn't be so bad .... if I weren't wearing this stupid lampshade, and if I weren't stuck with my idiot brother!"

Whoa, Milo ... tell us how you really feel.

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