Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday Pet Blogging | Bed Bandit!

Otis stole my place in bed this morning. And then, as if in an effort to defuse any reaction on my part, he shot me this look:

Otis "Can't you see how cute I am?"

He's a numbnut, but ya just gotta love him. I'll try to post a pic of Milo later today. I'm not certain how to talk about his post-surgery progress. Even with the collar (that cone shaped thing around his neck), he has been able to get at his incision area and even removed some stitches. Now, we don't think he has actually licked the wound, but we do think that the collar has rubbed against this region, thereby agitating it, when he is doing something innocuous like licking his tail or a front paw. This agitation has caused him to be pretty much a week behind. In other words, that state of the wound now is what we (the doctor) should have seen last week. But the agitation is slowing the healing process. We need one of those collars that not only comes up over the head, but also prevents the cat from bending at the neck. That would, I believe, effectively block Milo from getting to his nether regions even indirectly. Other than that, the boyz are OK.

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