Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Have You Seen These People?

The ol' Junk Mail folder had a whopping 47 messages in it this morning. Now bear in mind that I empty this folder on a regular basis, so I had cleared it last night, probably around 11pm. But there they were, 47 brand new sp0rn messages. It boggles my mind and makes my skin crawl that there are spammers who are so insistent in spreading crude material that they blast it en masse to whomever they can. Does anyone ever click on their little ads for web-cams and illicit liasons? The percentage cannot be very high. But I guess any percentage is worth it to them ... I mean, they're not likely to get fined for doling out X-rated messages, are they? But at least I can get some small amusement from the names they chose as "senders" of their vile material. Here are some names from the latest round of e-bile:
  • Latex C. Harsh
  • Glimmer R. Russo
  • Rita V. Harmoniousness
  • Spuriousness L. Locust
  • Watercress U. Despair
  • Laterals H. Invalidity
  • Cheeping O. Virtuousness
  • Snorted O. Smuggled
  • Toboggans I. Armory
  • Humbles M. Sanctimonious
Nothing suspicious about those names, eh?

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