Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Birdwatching with the President

Did our Dear Leader give a thumbs up response to an anonymous question from the crowd? Or did he display a slightly more hostile digit? Watch the video and decide for yourself:

I have to echo the newscaster's question: "What was that all about?!" My first guess is that Bush is simply doing what he does best -- that is, he is making an a$$ of himself while showing his disdain for anyone who is not one of his lackeys/handlers. Hey, you certainly know where you stand with him (or against him). But perhaps Bush's gestures are as difficult to interpret as his anguished attempts at public speaking. For it seems that there is more than one way to look at this incident. FinkTank3000 reports:
Some sites are removing the video because John Godfrey of Dow Jones said, “Bush did not flip anyone off. He was clearly giving a thumbs up in response to a question shouted from the crowd.” If that’s a thumb, the President is indeed all thumbs.
Check the FinkTank3000 link for a snippet of the Q&A session with Chief White House Denier, Scott McClellan. The Bush II Administration is clearly a classy act. ::: sigh :::

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