Thursday, July 14, 2005


Everyone loves to spoof a success story. And the iPod -- with several flavors and many, many accessories -- is as successful a commercial product as they come. So, of course, people are gonna take swipes at it. iSpoof I It's not literally the first spoof. I'm just presenting it first. The most recent one I saw is the work of video artist Scott Kelby, a Photoshop maven. Last month, at his Mac Design conference, he unveiled an Apple ad spoof for something called the iPod Flea. NY Times columnist (and technical writer) David Pogue is "pleased to offer in its Web debut." As it is hosted at the NY Times, you will have to watch an actual commercial before you can view Kelby's work. But at least you don't have to sign in! Here is the link:
[Note: Requires Windows Media Player]
iSpoof II Also last month, Sluggy Freelance cartoonist Pete Abrams spoofed the iPod in a few well-placed episodes of his ongoing web-comic. Coincidence? Who cares! His iPodling/iSophagus story is all good fun. Here is a little preview...
These three strips are the main iPodling/iSophagus story: These strips continue the saga to it's, um, bitter end: I hope you enjoy these little spoofs. If you know of any other good humored slams against the iPod, let me know!

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