Friday, May 27, 2005

Overheard at FedEx Kinkos

From the Dept. of Accidentally-Intercepted-Conversation-Snippets

Now, I've heard many strange snippets of conversation, particularly at copy or office centers, but this has to be the best. Picture it. Two women, working at a table in the FedEx Kinko's in Willow Grove, PA., with papers, photos, and forms all over the place. The table is right near the door. So, as I walk out with a box of post card mailers for the theater, I hear the one of the women -- she with the cell phone surgically attached to her ear -- say: "Right now we are working on the first ever work visa for a chainsaw artist." That's right. Obtaining a work visa. For a chainsaw artist. Man, my job is soooo boring.

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