Monday, May 30, 2005

Mr. Grey Spaceman

From the I'm-Not-A-Spaceman-But-I-Operate-One-For-A-Crappy-TV-Show Dept. Check out this footage of Mr. Grey Spaceman. It's an alien puppet on the Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show. Really! I can't make out most of the lyrics due to the singer's faux operatic style, but I did hear something about "there is life on many infinite planets like there are different people." Or something like that. And the camera effects! Ooof. I have not seen anything this bad since the mid-80s, when public access channels would try to throw as many vid effects as they could afford into a five-minute segment.

Be afraid, be very afraid ... of what crappy puppeteers are showing children these days.

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Anonymous said...

I am scared!