Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday Afternoon Poetry Blogging

National Poetry Month is over, but that doesn't mean I have to stop the Monday Poetry Blogging... TODAY

Today he is Batman His true identity concealed via his jet-black cape still damp from the dryer

Today he duels evil Racing against time in his convertible top, two-door plastic Playskool car

Today he breaks cryptic codes Hacking into his Etch A Sketch and disabling reactor buttons on his mom’s cell phone

Today he saves Gotham City One cruel-intentioned peace-threatening plush toy at a time

Tonight he departs to the Bat Cave After a long day of portraying Batman he closes his eyes and ponders what is to come tomorrow

Tomorrow he is Captain Hook and Barbie is walking the plank

-- Jessica McKeon, winner of the fifth annual PARADE Classroom® Poetry Contest For more about this young poet, see the Fresh Voices feature in the April 24, 2005 issue of PARADE Magazine.

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