Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It's TIME for a Convention

But not a conventional convention, nosiree. This is the Time Traveler Convention, hosted at MIT (42.360007,-071.087870 in decimal degrees) this Saturday. From the web page:
We need you to help PUBLICIZE the event so that future time travelers will know about the convention and attend. This web page is insufficient; in less than a year it will be taken down when I graduate, and futhermore, the World Wide Web is unlikely to remain in its present form permanently. We need volunteers to publish the details of the convention in enduring forms, so that the time travelers of future millennia will be aware of the convention. This convention can never be forgotten! We need publicity in MAJOR outlets, not just Internet news. Think New York Times, Washington Post, books, that sort of thing. If you have any strings, please pull them.
And they have a few suggestions for the help they need:

Write the details down on a piece of acid-free paper, and slip them into obscure books in academic libraries! Carve them into a clay tablet! If you write for a newspaper, insert a few details about the convention! Tell your friends, so that word of the convention will be preserved in our oral history! A note: Time travel is a hard problem, and it may not be invented until long after MIT has faded into oblivion. Thus, we ask that you include the latitude/longitude information when you publicize the convention.

You can also make an absolute commitment to publicize the convention afterwards. In that case, bring a time capsule or whatever it may be to the party, and then bury it afterwards.

I have a few more specific suggestions for the help they need, but we won't get into that right now -- if ya know what I mean. But even after saying that -- and despite the fact that Prophet or Madman isn't acid-free ... paper -- I'll post the info and link here anyway. Why? Because it's fun! And it gives me another excuse to mention my brilliant Dr. Who Revival idea, and even post a pic of the good ol' TARDIS:
TARDIS Console TARDIS Console
If you decide to go, and you are not currently a Time Lord, you might want to check one or two of the books from the convention's recommended reading list. Hmmmm ... I wonder if one should RSVP from the future? Thanks to Heretical Ideas for the info.

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