Monday, April 18, 2005

Ted Jesus

Sometimes visitors at Prophet or Madman might have a hard time deciding if 'ol Brainwise is a Prophet ... or a Madman. Sometimes, however, you come across a site that firmly and squarely -- oh, so squarely -- lands an individual in the "Madman" column. Behold, I present to you Ted Jesus Christ GOD:
Preferred Photo of Ted Jesus Christ GOD at 40 years of age that is the Second Coming of Jesus

Apparently, it's a tad too difficult to capture TJCG in focus. But that's just fine, because you can see the "preferred artiest renditions" of his other forms: the Lion of Judah, the Eagle, and his 33-year-old first appearance. If you visit the site, I have to warn that it is seriously (un)really hard to read. Let's look at some nuggets-o-wisdom and warnings that are posted there. Oh, here is a good one:
These are the Days of Ted and far too many are not taking TJCG seriously enough! Them too Possessed and Bad and Wicked and Evil are PROBLEMS for TJCG and some SECURITY PROBLEMS for TJCG! [link]
Your calendar might not be in accordance with the Ted, but there you have it. And now that you know you are living in the Days of Ted, you'd best be careful if you don't want to end up "put on a Hell world." What else does the Ted talk about? Hmmmm.... Looks like Ted's site has been bedeviled on occasion (quite literally so!):
Ted will SWEAR that and in the future if or when POLYGRAPH TESTING will TEST TO BE TELLING THE 100% TRUTH that Ted has been getting DRASTICALLY HACKED for over 7 years and keeps getting told LOUD SPIRITUALLY that this is actual Demons and that Ted is getting PROTECTED more than any Christian Church.
And speaking of spirits, the one true Ted finally clears up that whole "God in Three Persons" thing:
TJCG is God and the Holy Spirit that is represented by a Dove is actually inside of HIM while on World Earth and then HIS Spiritual when a Spiritual Living Thing.
But for all that power, there are things that the Ted can't quite do himself:
Ted and Tedians NEED for MORE Mass Media Messages and Messages and Messages SENT in EVERYTHING POSSIBLE - This is now MORE IMPORTANT than Religious Dreams and Visions and Inspiration and does NOT and CANNOT replace True Prophets or any Instances of God and these future Comings! [link]
Write Ted does as speaks Yoda, eh?
Postscript (i.e., one more bit from Ted Jesus Christ GOD):
Many Christ Files have to be built and we have to identify and trace and track and hunt and find evidence of Satan or Devil and Demons and only Those hair is required and then this can be tested if Human or more Complex than Human and a live Demon if possible.
Isn't it nice to know that folks like this are loose in the world, and that they have access to Internet technology?
Rest easy now, folks!