Monday, April 18, 2005

Arizona Police Want To Monkey Around

Actually, it's just the Mesa Police, and they want to add a monkey to the SWAT Team:
"Everybody laughs about it until they really start thinking about it," said Mesa Officer Sean Truelove, who builds and operates tactical robots for the suburban Phoenix SWAT team. "It would change the way we do business." Truelove is spearheading the department's request to purchase and train a capuchin monkey, considered the second smartest primate to the chimpanzee. The department is seeking about $100,000 in federal grant money to put the idea to use in Mesa SWAT operations.
All I can say is this: You do not want a SWAT-trained chimp flinging poo at you.


jdfphilpa said...

Yeah, but I'd like to see said monkey flinging poo at another monkey...such as Georgie or Jerry or Ralphie...

brainwise said...