Friday, December 31, 2004

Tsunami - You Can Help

It isn't news anymore: A tsunami careered into about 12 countries, creating a staggering death toll and damages in its wake. This is a global crisis, and it will require a global effort to help the victims. has setup a donation page for the Red Cross. As always, cash makes the biggest impact in aid scenarios. I know you might want to collect goods and send them off, but the Red Cross, for example, does not need 10,000 pairs of underwear. And canned goods are difficult at best to get into the area. Relief programs need money and they need it now. Georg over at Running Scared shares this fantastic donation idea. If you have friends who want to help, but they do not have Internet access, perhaps you could collect money from them and then do the cyber donation for them. That could certainly make for a larger donation. Here is some general tsunami information:

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